CNA Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Online Course

Author: Ronald Zentz

Safe and effective dental care requires close attention to patient needs while managing the various risks associated with clinical practice. Implementing effective patient safety and risk management strategies to protect your patients and your practice can help to improve patient outcomes and minimize the possibility of a malpractice claim. Learn from claim scenarios and other information presented in this online course to better understand and address key risk exposures.

Topics include:

  • Dental incident scenarios and examples
  • Informed consent and informed refusal procedures
  • Claim trends and related considerations
  • Communication topics, principles and approaches
  • Record keeping and documentation practices
  • Patient care/patient management risks
  • Adverse event issues, prevention and management
  • And more

The CNA Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Online Course is one of the most comprehensive risk management programs available. This informative program will motivate you to assess your practice, apply critical thinking, make prudent choices that enhance patient care and help you to reduce your risk of a malpractice claim. Participants will earn 5 contact hours of continuing education credit for the full 4-module course.* Modules may also be purchased and completed individually, and provide 1.25 credit hours each. A 75% score is required on each module examination to receive continuing education credit.

Course objectives (module number in parentheses):

  • Implement a team approach to patient safety and risk management practices. (1)
  • Effectively apply the informed consent process to improve patient understanding, safety and satisfaction. (1)
  • Understand how the standard of care and negligence apply to dental professional liability. (1)
  • Describe an assessment process for the management of “scope of practice” questions. (2)
  • Understand current recommendations for oral healthcare for the pregnant patient. (2)
  • Describe methods to manage patients who refuse recommended dental radiographs. (2)
  • Implement record keeping practices that enhance patient care and reduce malpractice risks. (3)
  • Explain the meaning and benefits of the “SOAP” method for recording information in the dental patient record. (3)
  • Understand benefits and risks of electronic records and methods to prevent electronic security breaches. (3)
  • Develop and implement methods to document and assess adverse outcomes and patient dissatisfaction. (4)
  • Describe and implement procedures to manage the most common emergencies in the dental office. (4)
  • Understand current recommendations and steps necessary to assess and manage patients who present with symptoms of nerve injury subsequent to dental treatment. (4)

AGD Subject Codes:

149 (Multi-disciplinary Topics) – 2 CE Hours
565 (Documentation and Risk Management) – 3 CE Hours

Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) PACE program

(Electronically mediated online course. Original release date: December 2016. Review date: November 2019. Expiration date: December 2021.)

*Credit toward dental license renewal may vary according to CE hours approved by state boards of dentistry. Please remember that only the relevant insurance policy can provide the actual terms, coverages, amounts, conditions and exclusions for an insured. All products and services may not be available in all states and may be subject to change without notice. CNA is a registered trademark of CNA Financial Corporation. Copyright © 2020 CNA. All rights reserved.

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CNA Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Online Course

Module 1: Risk Management Essentials

Module1, Risk Management Essentials, contains the following sections: patient safety and risk management overview; dental claim trends; legal concepts; patient communication; the National Practitioner Databank; and patient termination/dismissal. This course is designed to provide you with the tools and information you need to meet the course objectives included in the course description

Module 2: Treatment Issues

Module 2 will discuss the importance of an accurate, thorough and current medical history as an essential tool in providing quality dental care. Other topics in this module are shown here, including current clinical guidelines and recommendations for antibiotic premedication, dental radiographs, and dental treatment during pregnancy. Considerations related to the scope of dental practice and patients who may need urgent/emergency dental care are also covered in this module.

Module 3: Documentation and Compliance

In this module, we discuss a number of topics on recordkeeping, documentation and related compliance issues. These range from essential clinical documentation, maintaining patient privacy and protecting record security, to electronic communications and challenges presented by the use of social media. While many practices still use paper records, a significant number of dental offices have completely or partially transitioned to electronic health records. Many others are preparing to do so or are in the process of making this transition. This module covers a number of technology-related risk management considerations, along with those that apply universally.

Module 4: Managing Injuries and Adverse Events

Module 4 of the CNA risk management course focuses on managing injuries and adverse events. While adverse events may relate to several areas of a dental practice such as patient care, property and equipment, personnel, and operations, this module will concentrate on several points related to patient care injuries and adverse events. Topics will include medical emergencies, swallowed or aspirated objects, wrong site or wrong tooth surgeries and procedures, endodontic adverse events, treatment failure and trigeminal nerve injuries. 


CNA Dental Risk Management Workbook   (8.31 MB)
Latest version of the CNA Risk Management Workbook for use and reference after completing the online course.
Important Instructions   (160.13 KB)
Download a copy of the instructions on how to take the CNA Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Program online course.
Online Course Resource List   (213.28 KB)
Download a copy of the online course's resource list mentioned in Modules 1 to 4.
Online Course Description & Objectives   (187.3 KB)
Download a copy of the online course description & objectives.
System Requirements   (192.83 KB)
Download a copy of the system requirements for reference.
Dental Expressions® issue 4, 2013, Dental Self-Assessment/ Addressing Risks, Managing Expectations   (469.8 KB)
Dental Expressions® issue 2, 2014, Clinical Guidelines/ A Dental Risk Management Perspective   (321.95 KB)
Dental Expressions® issue 3, 2014, Patient Satisfaction/ A Key to Dental Risk Management   (1.12 MB)
Dental Expressions® issue 4, 2014, Preventive Risk Management/ Creating a Culture of Safety   (417.49 KB)
Dental Expressions® issue 1, 2015, Trigeminal Nerve Injuries/ An Interview with Michael Miloro, DMD, MD, FACS   (626.18 KB)

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